Memory Care Tips for Your Loved Ones with Dementia

According to National Institute on Aging, dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning – thinking, remembering, and reasoning – to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. Taking care of a loved one with dementia could be challenging, especially in dealing with cognitive and behavioral changes. But, it’s possible to ease the challenge and take care of them the way they deserve. Learn more below.

  • Build a daily routine.
    Whether at home or in assisted living in Texas, caregivers understand the importance of establishing a routine for dementia patients. Bathing and medical appointments are essential tasks that need a schedule, so incorporate these into their daily activities.
  • Don’t forget to involve them.
    Dementia affects your loved ones’ short-term memory, but with proper memory care, you can make them feel as if everything is moving at their pace. Allow them to do things they love with very minimal assistance. Help prepare their clothes and meals, but allow them to change and eat by themselves.
  • Give them options.
    To give them the freedom to stay independent, offer them choices. Do they want hot or cold beverages? Would they go for a walk or watch a movie? There are many choices every day, but be careful not to offer too many. Caregivers at care homes also offer several options for dementia patients in a facility.

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