Live your life independently and freely.

Our independent living services are highly beneficial to individuals who aren’t looking for extended care services and are simply in need of help with minor daily activities. Older individuals can be reassured that they can continue living independently but still get assistance and help when they need it.

Our professionals also work closely with the client to determine if placement in an independent living community is suitable to the client’s health profile and needs. We are committed to providing clients with personalized and in-depth services to fully address their needs and goals.

What is Independent Living?

Secure the assistance you need at the same time maintain your independence

For many seniors who actively choose to maintain an independent way of life, it is easier for them to fall into isolation as a result of various factors, like living far apart from family, estranged relationships, commuting difficulties.

Some seniors will even avoid having to call upon a family or friend because they would rather do it by themselves. Choosing to live independently is something we respect, but for some seniors who have chronic medical conditions, it can be difficult for them to perform certain tasks on their own.

That is why we recommend that you should look into living in an independent living community. Living in a community primarily for seniors will allow more opportunities for socialization and engagement with others. This will work favorably for seniors who don’t require constant medical assistance but may need occasional help at home.

Amenities within the community will include a personal apartment with one or two bedrooms. A kitchen and a laundry room will also be included. Independent Living Communities will also provide a common room that encourages residents to dine together.


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