Simple Ways to Help Seniors Stay Independent at Home


It’s tempting to take over your senior loved one’s day-to-day living, especially when aging starts to slow them down. However, seniors value their independent living while aging. It is possible to care for your senior loved ones without robbing them of their liberty to keep doing things they love! How? Learn more below.

  • Support their social activities.

    From attending church to visiting relatives, it is essential to help senior loved ones continue their regular activities. Social activities play a fundamental role in aging. Take them to the library and go for a walk with them. This way, you can show your support without being intrusive.

  • Get them involved every day.

    Make your senior loved ones feel that they are still part of the chores and activities at home. Ask them to join in meal planning, cooking, shopping, and laundry folding. Whether in assisted living in Texas or at home, involving seniors make them feel valued.

  • Encourage physical activities.

    Staying active will give seniors a healthy mind and body as they age. At care homes, caregivers will be there to assist seniors in their exercises. At home, you can encourage them to participate in yoga classes, plant flowers, or do chair exercises.

Care Advocates is a senior placement agency in San Antonio, Texas, that promotes independent living. Our professionals work closely with your senior loved ones to determine their needs and provide in-depth services to address their needs and goals. For more information about our services, call us at 210-669-2222.

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