Understanding Cognitive Decline in Older Adults


Your body changes, as a whole, as you age — including your brain. As you become older, you may start to forget more things. Thinking of a term or remembering someone’s name might take longer. However, recurring or growing anxiety about your mental function may point to cognitive decline. Cognitive decline, commonly referred to as cognitive impairment, can start suddenly or develop gradually over time. It can also be permanent or temporary and may need assisted living in Texas.

When an older person experiences thinking, memory, concentration, or other difficulties that go beyond what is generally expected with age, it is said that they are experiencing cognitive decline. In this case, it is beneficial for them to consult with a senior placement agency in San Antonio, Texas. Among the most typical indications are:

  • More frequently forgetting something
  • Missing crucial engagements or social commitments
  • Struggling to make sense of a conversational thread or a line in a book, a movie, etc.
  • Finding it challenging to go through familiar areas
  • Displaying increased impulsivity or bad judgment
    • We can boost a senior’s adaptation and learning ability through certain activities. For instance, performing tasks like complex memory tasks may aid in the improvement of mental skills like language. Caregivers at care homes can help in improving the quality of life of seniors and provide activities that can help in preventing cognitive decline.

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